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Jinwen University of Science & Technology

Department of Marketing and Logistics Management


Brief Introduction

     Department of Marketing and Logistics Management was founded in 2012. In the beginning, the department recruited 1 class of four-year undergraduate program and 1 class of four-year college evening program. Since 2013, the department recruited 2 classes of four-year undergraduate program and 1 class of four-year college evening program. There are 7 classes of four-year undergraduate program and 4 classes of four-year college evening program in 2015. The department has 11 full-time teachers that includes 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professor, and 4 lectures. Most of the teachers have much experience in industry. And every teacher gets many professional certificates of qualification related to Marketing or Logistics. For developing features of teaching multiple areas , the faculty once entered into the chain restaurant of fast food, the chain store of retail, and a logistics company with depth study to know the current situations and the future trends of the circulation industry, and to undertake the setting goal of the collaboration between industry and school.


Personnel Training Goals

u The teaching goal of the department is to cultivate students to become middle-level talented    persons who not only gain knowledge and skills related to Marketing or Logistics, but also have the ability to apply gained knowledge and skills into operation and management of circulation industry.

u Curriculum planning not only meets with workplace needs, but also enforces the future development of the students’ potentiality. Except teaching basic concepts and skills related to Marketing and Logistics, the faculty also emphasizes on teaching knowledge about implementations of marketing planning, innovation and entrepreneurship, logistics management, electronic management and service, customer relationship management, supply chain management, operation and management of stores, internet marketing, retail management.

u For enhancing employability and competitiveness of the students, the department gives students guidance in receiving professional certificates of qualification on marketing planning, internet marketing, electronic commerce analyst, enterprise resource planning, logistics and personnel services.

u To meet the workplace needs of the future graduates of Marketing and Logistics Management, in addition to strength students’ professional knowledge, the department also cultivate personal qualities, working attitude, interpersonal communication, problem solving ability and business ethics of the students.


Development Features

u  The main focus of the department puts on electronic marketing, retail logistics, as well as chain operation and management. Using a gradual approach to develop “electronic marketing”, the first step is to build MLM on line electronic mall that provides students with practical training of using marketing platform, then to cultivate students who can use digital marketing skills and knowledge on starting up micro enterprise .

u  The department corporates with many well-known enterprises such as MOS BURGER, Hi-Life, HTC LOGISTICS, Advance Commercial Provider, and these enterprises provides business visit, team teaching, speeches making at school, guidance of practically special project, or outside campus internship. As a result, students can have the ability of practical application and link up the last mile. Finally, the goal of “graduation is employment” will be achieved.

u  The department actively seeks to connect and corporate with enterprises by business visit, the collaborative teaching implementation of the industry experts, participation contests of innovation or entrepreneurship, teaching study of practical cases, and outside campus internship.

u  The department puts outside campus internship system into practice. The enterprises of student internship includes Dante Coffee, 7-ELEVEN, Hi-Life, HTC LOGISTICS, I-MeI Foods, WANN YUEH, the elite spectrum, Pchome ONLINE, the customer service at Taoyuan Airport, NOVOTEL, EVERGREEN RESORT HOTEL (JIAOSI).


The Prize-Winning Achievements

u  The contest of the collaboration between industry and school, industry platform, innovation, and business plan in 20142 fine pieces

u  The syntrend contest of 1st Jinwen special project making in 2015the first prize, the second prize, the third prize

u  The national contest of 9th Jinwen dreamer innovation in 2015the first prize in the commodity design category of cultural and creative industry

u  The invitation contest of 2nd cross-strait (Xiamen) Logistics case analysis in 2015 the third prize.